Erosion Control Blankets

Coir blankets are available in several grades, from lightweight (and low cost) to heavy duty.


ECB's are suitable anywhere that soils are subject to erosion, or where stabilising vegetation is required, such as on river banks, wetlands and slopes.


  • Quick installation for immediate soil protection and a finished look
  • An ideal microclimate for seeds
  • Protection cover to irregular erodable slope profiles
  • Year-round application


Blankets: 2m x 50m

Turf Reinforcement Mats

Permanent mats incorporated into grass swards.


These permanent mats will reinforce grassy areas.


  • Tough and flexible
  • Non-corrodible, chemically inert
  • Rapidly secured natural appearance
  • Stable


Dimensions: 2m x 25m
Usually supplied in black. Available with pre-grown turf, or filled with bitumen for high flows in water channels.

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